“Without music life would be a mistake.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

I love music. I’m a music nut. My life has a soundtrack. I listen to music everyday. Lots of it.

Here are my top ten favorite albums from the last two years (April 2006 — April 2008).

In order of their release:

The Glory of Byzantium — The Byzantine Choir of Greece (2006)
For real. I listen to this all the time. Some of the songs are in my iTunes top 25 played. Greek Orthodox chants. I often use it when I’m praying.

Highway Companion — Tom Petty (2006)
Tom Petty sans the Heartbreakers. I think it’s the best thing Tom Petty has ever done. A surprising amount of spiritual themes. The album I’m listening to as I post this.

A Hundred Highways — Johnny Cash (2006)
Released posthumously, it’s an appropriate requiem for The Man In Black. I got it the day it was released (July 4, 2006). It’s very spiritual and deeply moving. If you don’t like Johnny Cash you’re not American and barely human.

The Sound of Melodies — Leeland (2006)
My favorite worship album in years. Surprising depth of lyrics from an 18 year old (!) songwriter. Unearthly vocals. I loved this album so much I brought Leeland to WOLC.

Modern Times — Bob Dylan (2006)
What can I say about the latest release from the poet laureate of a generation? The Shakespeare of our time. The album won the highest praise from critics of every stripe. Like many of the albums on this list, Modern Times is very spiritual.

Once – Glen Hansard (2007)
This is the soundrack from the movie, Once. I saw the movie on a flight from Sydney to Los Angeles. Glen Hansard is a passionate singer-songwriter from Dublin. Great movie, great album.

Beautiful People — Jason Upton (2007)
Jason Upton is the most unique and creative artist in the Christian music scene. Jason is a friend of mine and he’s not only a terrific musician, he’s also a wonderful Christian with a brilliant mind. I love Jason Upton.

Easy Tiger — Ryan Adams (2007)
I bought this CD at a Starbucks in Banff, Canada because I forgot to bring CDs with me to play in the rental car. Turned out to be a great choice. A smart and very human album in the alt-country genre.

I’m Not There — Various Artists (2007)
Soundtrack from the strange Dylan biopic film. 33 Dylan covers by various artists. My favorite covers are from Sonic Youth, Cat Power, Glen Hansard, Los Lobos and Rambin’ Jack Elliott.

Attack & Release — The Black Keys (2008)
The Black Keys are my favorite modern band. A stripped-down, two-piece, blues-based dynamic duo from Akron, Ohio. I have all of their albums and this is the best yet.

Here’s to sticking good tunes in your head!



To keep it to ten I passed over some good music from T-Bone Burnett, Switchfoot, Bruce Springsteen, Dave Matthews Band, Eric Clapton and J.J. Cale.