“Come Up Here” – A Vision


“Come Up Here” – A Vision

“I will go on to visions and revelations of the Lord.”
-The Apostle Paul

As I prayed today I saw a vision. In my vision I saw two large gatherings of people. They were standing opposite one another. They carried signs with slogans. Each side hated the other. They were shouting their slogans across the divide separating them. Many hurled insults. Some threw stones. I went and stood among one group and looked across the divide at the others. I said, “Yes, I see what they see.” Then I crossed the divide to the other side and stood among them. I said, “Yes, I see what they see.” Then I stood in the divide between them, looking left and right. And in the cacophony of noise neither side made any sense.

Then I looked up.

When I looked up I saw the Lord Christ seated on his glorious throne. The throne was suspended in mid-air, high above the two sides. Our Lord spoke from his throne saying, “Come up here.” Yet no one heard. They continued to shout their slogans, hurl their insults, and throw their stones.” Jesus kept calling out, “Come up here.” At last some did hear. When they heard, they looked up. When they looked up, they were caught up — caught up to the Lord and his glorious throne. Jesus made these people sit down together at a single table. When they were all seated at the table, Jesus spoke to them and said—

Talk to one another.
Listen to one another.
Learn from one another.
Love one another.

That was the vision I saw.
(Yes, I really saw this.)
While praying today.

It is only when we are blind that we are eager to judge. By the time we can see clearly enough to judge, we generally don’t care to.

When we insist on saying Jesus is on our side,
While ridiculing those on the other side,
We are blind.

Blind to the truth that Jesus is not on our side—
He is on his glorious throne, high above all sides.

Blind to the truth that our enemy—
Is really just our neighbor who we don’t yet know.

Once we have enough contemplative vision to really see,
We no longer care to judge…
We would rather love, help, and heal.

I received this from the Lord.