Who Are the Children of God?


Who Are the Children of God?
Brian Zahnd

He prophesied that Jesus would die for the nation,
and not for the nation only,
but also to gather into one
the scattered children of God.
—John 11:51-52

Who are the children of God?

One way of answering the question is to say—
All who recognize the rest as their fellow siblings are children of God.

Those who refuse to recognize the other as their sister and brother—
These are the children of the devil.

(The devil is the original murderer and liar — leading Cain to murder his brother and to lie about it. cf. John 8:44)

If you can see the other as your sister and brother—
You are on your way to becoming a child of God.

Another way of saying it is—
God does not participate in our sibling rivalries.

(You may have to live awhile to come to terms with this.)

We want to say—
Dad loves me better than you.

But it isn’t true.

The sooner we learn that God loves all his children—
The sooner we learn to live as the children of God.



PS: Come fundamentalist, come all, come tell me why I’m wrong.