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  • From The Hindustan Times

    A village church in Orissa, India


    Christians Still Afraid To Return Home
    Orissa Christians made an offer they can’t refuse
    October 10, 2008

    Kandhamal — Days after he fled his home, there was something that stood between Hari Chand Digal and his home, his paddy field, two cows and 15 goats.

    He had to give up his faith if he wanted his home.
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  • Is There A God?

    Some of my thinking in this blog has been assisted by the writings of Swiss theologian Emil Brunner.

    Is There A God?
    The question is not necessarily easy to answer because the question itself is wrongly framed. The moment a person asks this question about God they are on the wrong track. The problem is the word “there.”

    there: adverb in or at that place
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