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  • Veritas

    Veritas. Truth.

    Your first allegiance must be to truth.

    You must love truth before you love God.

    For without a primary love of truth, how do you know that the God you love is the God that is?

    Without primary allegiance to truth, you may just love your own ideas which you call God.

    If you don’t love truth enough, you will sell it cheap.

    Without a costly commitment to truth, you’ll trade truth for certitude.

    Certitude is a poor substitute for truth.

    If all you want is cheap certitude, that’s easy enough to come by. Just land on some opinion one way or the other, tell yourself you’re certain, and that’s that. No wrestling with doubt, no dark night of the soul, no costly agonizing over the matter, no testing yourself with hard questions. Just accept a secondhand assumption or a majority opinion or a popular sentiment or an inherited tradition as the final word and settle into certainty. You don’t have think about it ever again. Ignorance is bliss. So is certitude.

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