Getting Ready

I’m getting ready for some huge happenings, events, opportunities, whatever you want to call them. Immediately following the second service this Sunday I leave for an overseas trip to Asia where I’ll be ministering for five days to 4,000 pastors and Christian workers in a part of the world where believers are subject to violent persecution and where there have been a number of recent martyrdoms. The leaders of this major Christian movement have said they are going to wait to form their evangelistic and church planting strategy for 2006 until after this conference. They told me they are expecting to hear from God through what I have to say. So it’s a big deal and I’m getting ready for it. I need to be anointed, have the right messages, be focused and “at the top of my game.” It’s like getting ready for the Super Bowl…except that this is actually important.

After the Joseph Company* breakfast tomorrow morning I’ll spend a good part of the day packing and getting all the practical details of this trip finalized. I need to make sure I take the right clothes, books, sermons, equipment, etc. It’s always a relief when this is finished.

Sunday I’ll be introducing Two Months of Discovery: The Unvarnished Jesus. This two month spiritual odyssey will actually begin the day I leave Asia, so while I’m abroad I’ll be getting ready for this so I can hit the ground running when I return home.

Have I told you I’m excited about this? So excited I can hardly stand it!

This will be my last blog until I arrive in Asia. Once I’m there I’ll be able to make a few posts (certainly on Tuesday), but I’ll probably be limited in internet access most of the time. By February 27 I will be able to say where I’ve been ministering (most of you know already…but it’s our little secret). I definitely plan to make my debut Two Months of Discovery post on March 1 before I leave Asia. (This will make more sense after I explain it Sunday morning.)

So, I’m getting ready. Getting ready for big things. You get ready too! Pray for me and I’ll pray for you.

Jesus is on the move!


* Joseph Company is our fellowship of entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals and people with a vision for marketplace ministry. The Joseph Company is entirely financing the conference for the 4,000 pastors and Christian workers. They have given over $62,000 to this prophetic project. Way to go Joseph Company!