I’ve read some reports this week concerning a move of God in a chapel service at Asbury College — a Christian college in Wilmore, Kentucky. The regularly scheduled chapel service began Monday morning at 10:00. During the time of praise and worship something began to happen and it has continued all week. One student described it this way…

God’s will just broke out. People were just yearning for God. I can’t even describe it. I didn’t want to leave until I felt the Lord was in me the way He wanted to be.

This campus revival is now in its fifth day. Another student compared what they were experiencing to what Lucy experienced in her encounters with Aslan in The Chronicles of Narnia. I was struck by this comment because I have often felt that C.S. Lewis’ character of Lucy is the perfect portrayal of the longing heart. It’s the “Lucy” in us that longs for the adventure of discovery — the holy discovery of Jesus Christ on a personal level.

Here is a link to the Asbury College website describing what has been happening.

What makes this so exciting, beside the fact that it’s always nice to hear about a powerful move of God among young people, is that I believe this may be a harbinger of things to come.

harbinger: something that foreshadows what is to come

This isn’t the first time there has been a surprising move of God in a chapel service at Asbury College. On February 3, 1970 — 36 years ago — the same thing happened. A spontaneous campus revival broke out in the Asbury chapel that lasted 24 hours a day for eight days. This campus revival eventually spread to 130 other colleges and universities. Several books have been written on the Asbury Revival; I have read some of them. One of our associate pastors told me he has an old black and white VHS of this famous revival.

Most significantly, the Asbury Revival of 1970 was a HARBINGER of the Jesus Movement! The Jesus Movement of the early 70’s was Heaven’s answer to the demonic counter culture rebellion of the late 60’s. A year and a half later the “Jesus Revolution” was on the cover of Time magazine. I have a copy of this issue of Time as a prophetic reminder of what I believe God is going to do again!

May the events at Asbury College this week be a holy harbinger of what is coming to America this year!



P.S. I hope you will be joining me tonight for the beginning of Faith Life Weekend!