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Day 27

I got saved. Everything turned around. It’s been one sunny day after another. And everybody is so nice.

How about a dose of reality?

Jesus says, “It is impossible that no offenses should come.”


So we might as well prepare ourselves to walk in forgiveness. Seven times a day if necessary.

But that doesn’t mean we can go around being offensive and expect no consequences.


“Woe to him through whom they do come.”

And if the offense is so severe that it causes one of the little ones to no longer believe (see Mark 9:42), Jesus says it would be better for him to have a millstone hung around his neck and thrown into the sea than to face God’s judgment. I’m thinking of pedophile priests and womanizing pastors.

But most things that we take offense over are not nearly so egregious; in fact most issues of offense are just plain petty and we simply need to forgive, forget about it and keep on the journey. The Christian life is dominated by a forward look. Whatever inclines us to look back is a detriment and a danger. Remember Lot’s wife.

Attitude is almost everything. What should be our dominant attitude? Gratitude. It seems that about one in ten of those transformed by Jesus really has an attitude of gratitude. Make up your mind to be the holy tithe of gratitude for what Jesus has done.


This is the third time in twenty days we have met the would-be disciple known as the “Rich Young Ruler.” His question was simple: “What shall I do to inherit eternal life?” Jesus’ answer is also simple — if you go all the way to the end of His answer — “Follow Me.”

Yuppie: “What shall I do…?” (Luke 18:18)

Jesus: “…follow Me.” (Luke 18:22)

A couple of comments…

# 1. When Jesus said, “Why do you call Me good? No one is good but One, God”, Jesus wasn’t claiming not to be good…but to be God. The young man had approached Jesus as if Jesus were a mere man. The ruler didn’t yet have a revelation from the Father of who Jesus was. Later this week we will read Jesus saying, “No one can come to Me unless the Father draws him.” Inheriting eternal life requires a revelation that Jesus is God. We will see much of this next week when we are in the Gospel of John.

# 2. The young man could not inherit eternal life by giving away his possessions, but such was the hold of materialism upon his life that it was going to take a radical decision for him to be able to connect his life with Jesus — which is how we inherit eternal life. Jesus didn’t require this of everyone. Jesus said nothing of this to Nicodemus who, according to Josephus, was one of the wealthiest men in Jerusalem. For Jesus to be Savior, He must be Lord.


For the third time in the Gospel of Luke Jesus explicitly tells His disciples what is going to happen to Him in Jerusalem. He will be betrayed, delivered to the Gentiles, mocked, insulted, spit upon, scourged, killed…and rise again on the third day. How did Jesus know this? By revelation from God? Certainly, but how? Jesus knew these things because everyone of them is prophesied in the Old Testament. It seems as if no one else saw these Messianic prophecies (probably because they didn’t want to), but Jesus saw them.


Today is my day off. I was in the ministry for over 23 years before I started taking a regular day off. How stupid is that? (Don’t tell me.) Peri and I are headed to KC to hang out on the Plaza. I believe ahi tuna is in my future. Stay happy! Most of the time it’s a choice.




The attitude of gratitude song for today is…

What Can I Do For You?
Bob Dylan

You have given everything to me.
What can I do for You?
You have given me eyes to see.
What can I do for You?

Pulled me out of bondage and You made me renewed inside,
Filled up a hunger that had always been denied,
Opened up a door no man can shut and You opened it up so wide
And You’ve chosen me to be among the few.
What can I do for You?

You have laid down Your life for me.
What can I do for You?
You have explained every mystery.
What can I do for You?

Soon as a man is born, you know the sparks begin to fly,
He gets wise in his own eyes and he’s made to believe a lie.
Who would deliver him from the death he’s bound to die?
Well, You’ve done it all and there’s no more anyone can pretend to do.
What can I do for You?

You have given all there is to give.
What can I do for You?
You have given me life to live.
How can I live for You?

I know all about poison, I know all about fiery darts,
I don’t care how rough the road is, show me where it starts,
Whatever pleases You, tell it to my heart.
Well, I don’t deserve it but I sure did make it through.
What can I do for You?

Great song!