The Name of Jesus

Day 49

Acts 3 & 4

Jesus has ascended to heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father until the time when He will return, set up His Kingdom and rule the nations with a rod of iron. But Jesus has left the authority of His name and sent the power of the Holy Spirit to His church. With the authority of Jesus’ name and the power of the Holy Spirit we are proclaiming the gospel with signs and wonders and bringing the rule of Christ to the hearts of men. We see this pattern powerfully demonstrated in Acts 3 and 4.

May there be more miracles, in Jesus’ name. May we enter into a supernatural spring and summer, in Jesus’ name. Let’s believe for it!

But don’t make the mistake of ever expecting miracles to be common. Miracles are miraculous — an exception to the norm. Even when miracles are regular, they are never common. In Acts 3 we find the miracle healing of the lame man at the temple gate. This man had been born lame and we are told he was laid daily at the temple gate to beg for alms. That means that Peter and John had regularly walked past him and that Jesus had even regularly walked past this man. But in God’s sovereign purposes the hour came for the power of Jesus’ name to be demonstrated in this man, and Peter was sensitive enough to the Holy Spirit and courageous enough in faith to act boldly and see this great miracle. But I don’t want you to get the idea that Peter and John (or Jesus) healed every lame beggar they encountered, they did not. But they did move regularly in the miraculous, and that is what we need much more of. Let’s go for it!

If we will pray more, believe more and take some bold steps of faith, we will see more miracles among us. Amen!


Life is good.

If you heard otherwise…you’ve been lied to.

The devil is a liar and Jesus is Lord!

If you’ll stay on fire you’ll never be bored!