I’m making a comeback!

Yes! I’m making a blogger’s comeback.

I blogged 68 days in a row…without missing once! Then Peri and I had our little get-away to the mountains far beyond the crazy reach of the internet. And then this week…well, I just didn’t do any blogging. So shoot me. Blame it on blogger’s fatigue. I’m sure there must be such a thing. Anyway, I’m ready to make a comeback…so stay tuned.

It’s just past 8:00 P.M., I’m still in my study, but I’ve got my message ready for Sunday. It’s from Acts chapter 4 and I’m calling it, Book of Acts Boldness. It’ll be red hot!

So now I’d like to go home before I come back at 6:30 tomorrow morning (Sunday’s a working day, you know).

I’ll get a real deal blog out to you some time Sunday evening.

See you in church in la manana.

Dios le bendiga!



Here are a few pictures from our time in mountains…

# 1 Chasm Junction on the Longs Peak Trail
We were going to hike all the way to Chasm Lake, but weather forced us to turn around.

# 2 Twin Sisters Mountain
The western peak of Twin Sisters is visible in the background.

# 3 Twin Sisters trail
It was snowy about 10,000 feet.

# 4 Twin Sister’s summit
It was too cold to stay very long.