Miracle Drug

It’s a Sunday evening. I’m usually a little bit worn out on Sunday evenings and I’m tired tonight — tired but happy, the good kind of tired. It was a good day in church. I forgot how fun it is to tell the “Brothel Story.” You don’t know what that is? You should have been in church today! It’s the last fifteen minutes of my “Book of Acts Boldness” message. You need to hear it. You can get a CD or tape at Solomon’s Porch, or you can stream it from the WOLC website in a few days, or you can sign up for the free podcasts and we’ll cast that pod your way by Tuesday. Anyway, it’s a great story, a real life adventure.

I just got back from KCI. I took Peri to the airport. She’s going to Atlanta for a seminar and won’t be back till Wednesday night. This is a very unusual experience for me. Peri takes me to the airport all the time and then I’m gone for a few days (or sometimes longer)…but now the tables are turned. I’ll have to fend for myself…I think she’s already worried about me. Haha!

So, it’s a Sunday night and I’m tired but happy.

Stay full of hope my friends and you will stay happy. Everybody wants to be happy, so go ahead and be happy. It’s easier than you think.

Everybody wants to be happy so the pharmaceutical companies try to sell you happy pills. I read about an antidepressant yesterday that has a bad side effect (besides dizziness, nausea and that other stuff) — it seems this pill will make you happy, unless it makes you suicidal. That seems like a pretty bad side effect for an antidepressant if you ask me. Here, take this pill, it’ll make you feel better…unless it makes you want to kill yourself.

Everybody’s looking for the miracle drug…and I’ve got it: HOPE. Hope in God.

Why are so you downcast, O my soul?
Hope in God.

-Psalm 42:11

Hope is God’s miracle drug for your brain…and it won’t make you dizzy, nauseous, or anything other than happy. Hope is the thing for happiness. Your future is good and everything’s going to be alright — you’ve got God’s promise on it. Tell your soul everything is going to be alright and tell you soul to hope in God. If you’ll tell your soul to do that, it will, and you’ll get happy. Read those Psalms on hope…say them out loud…make them yours. Try it with a cup of coffee. Hope and a cup of coffee. That’s my miracle drug.