A Day in the Mountains

I have a maxim: Never do anything important without going to the mountains first.

October is going to be huge month! Five illustrated sermons, our Significant Church Conference, our Octoberfest, then the first five days of November we have our 25th Anniversary celebration with Reinhardt Bonnke, Brian Houston, Casey Treat and Phil Keaggy. If I counted right I have 32 meetings in 36 days. Yeah! So Peri and I decided to get away to the mountains before the madness begins. Today was a wonderful day in the mountains. Let me share a bit of it with you through some pictures.

We decided to climb up a couloir on the east face of Hallett peak.

Peri climbing up.

Here and there we had to negotiate some deep snow.

Peri’s a real mountain woman!

I had a little tumble on the way down.

The mountain gave me something to remember the day by.

Later Peri and I combined two of our passions: Books and mountains. I finished Dostoevsky’s Demons. This is the life: A good book, a Starbuck’s Double Shot and a sunny day in the mountains.

Yeah, it was a great day in the mountains. Praise the Lord.

Now that I’ve finished Demons, I’m reading Jesus Mean and Wild: The Unexpected Love of an Untamable God. Awesome book! Read it, read it, read it!!

On the way down the mountains I told Peri, “In my pack I’ve got demons and a mean and wild Jesus.”

She said, “How do you think they’ll get along?”

“The fight won’t last long.”

When I’m in the mountains my mind is clear and my spirit soars. People tell me I always come back from the mountains with a good message. Well, I think I’ve got a good one for this Friday night: “Saints and Sinners” Yes, I believe it will be good. I hope to see you Friday night.

Thunder on the mountain
Rollin’ to the ground
Gonna get up in the morning walk the hard road down
Some sweet day I’ll stand beside my King
I wouldn’t betray His love for any other thing




I almost forgot. The place where we are staying has been frequented by a large black bear every night. They told us this when we checked in and warned us to be careful. So all last night every time Peri heard something she’d jump up and look out the window. I kept telling her to forget about it and come back to bed Then around 5 this morning she was certain she heard a bear…so she did the only logical thing…she went outside looking for it(!). And sure enough, as she was standing by our car, a bear jumped out of the nearby dumpster. Peri ran back in and woke me up and told me, “I told you there was a bear out there!” I told her to stay inside and go back to sleep. I tell you, that woman is fearless.