The Five Words (and a free song)

2007 is only 25 days away. I can’t think of 2007 with getting a prophetic rush. Today I spent the day with our leadership team revisiting and refocusing on our vision.

Becoming an authentic expression of the
Kingdom of Jesus in the 21st Century

We spent most of our time discussing The Five Words. Revisiting these words always energizes me. This is the nature of a prophetic vision — it energizes you. The Five Words came to me in a few moments as a sort of epiphany on August 26, 2004. Since that time they have been guideposts for our spiritual journey.

With no further adieu
I present to you
The Five Words

Matthew 16:24
The Mystery of the Cross is the central mystery of Christianity. The Cross is the epicenter of redemption and the self-denial of the Christian in order to follow Jesus. It is by the Cross that we lose our false self and are enabled to become our true self.

Ephesians 3:9
The Christian life is a Mystery — the eternal expedition of divine discovery. The exploration of God in the Mystery of Christ is the enduring quest that fills our lives with a sense of adventure and delivers us from the boredom of a mundane existence.


Matthew 13:52
We are a 21st Century church but we are also respectful of the 2,000 year history of the church. We value the treasures that are the rich traditions of the church and our eclectic approach allows to be enriched by the entire body of Christ.


Acts 2:42
Kingdom can only be experienced in the context of Community. We are called to the Community of the King and to express the culture of His Kingdom. The Community of the King is the place where we experience the reality doing life together.

Acts 17:6
Deep in the heart of man there is a longing, the longing for a Revolution. The Champion has come and the battle has begun. What He did launched a Revolution. He did it on the Cross and it changed the world. Now we must join His Revolution!


Today’s Desktop: The 6th Byzantine Cross from Beth Shean

This is a fifteen centuries old cross painted on plaster. It was found a few years ago among the ruins of Beth Shean in Israel. It has not be restored or repainted. I took this picture when we were in Israel last month.

Fifteen centuries ago my brothers carried the message of The Cross to the House of the Serpent and planted that cross, crushed the serpent and founded the church of Beth Shean. That thrills me. Just to look at that cross inspires me. That’s why it’s on my desktop.


Friday’s Message: The Passions of the Christ
(Four things Jesus was passionate about.)



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Jonah’s Song by Gerasim & Parks

Gerasim & Parks is the solo work of my good friend Gera Alexeev, the front man for the Russian band Drusjki.

This is one of my favorite worship songs. I know it’s in Russian, but it will minister to your spirit nonetheless.




Here’s a Drusjki YouTube

The song is called “The Cross.”
Drusjki is basically a metal band.
Great brothers in Christ.