Blog On Blog

This is a blog on blogs.

Brief and to the point.

This is my 184th blog in a year and a half. Most of them averaging around a thousand words. That’s a lot of writing.

I am now turning my attention toward a little more permanent medium of writing: A book.

Right now the working title is Sinners In The Hands Of Angry Christians.

It will have something to do with a new way of being Christian and somewhat associated with the ten “What Ifs”

What If?

What if the next revival is an unrevival?

What if it’s quiet instead of loud?

What if we let the gospel work from the inside out?

What if we become friends with sinners — because we can totally relate?

What if we communicate the good news as news and not religious rhetoric?

What if we learn to share this good news in a way that’s not “us vs. them”?

What if the only government we really hope for is the government of God?

What if we quit being in such a hurry to get out of here and actually belong?

What if we stop segregating ourselves and share our common humanity?

What if we become known as disciples of Jesus because we love like Him?


All of this means that long, substantive blogs may be rarer over the next few months.

I’m writing over a hundred brand new sermons per year, traveling widely, pastoring a church and now writing a book.

So if bloggishness is somewhat reduced, you know why.

Blog on blog.

Today’s music choice: Blonde on Blonde

Now back to writing.