Isms That Need To Become Wasms

I’ve got my nose to the grindstone.

Preparing eight messages.

Next week is our annual Word of Life Pastors and Leaders Conference.

So here’s a blogette from some the stuff I’m preparing for next week:

A little more than three years ago Five Words came to me–


The Five Words are waypoints to help navigate the seas of change in the postmodern world.

The Five Words also replace five isms. Five tired isms that should be relegated to wasms.

Cross replaces Consumerism
Consumerism is the cultural assumption of America that threatens to swallow authentic Christianity.

Mystery replaces Know-it-all-ism
The arrogance of the Enlightenment that presumes to explain everything is no longer tenable.

Eclectic replaces Evangelicalism
Evangelicalism has defined itself into a corner where some truth has been mistaken for all truth.

Community replaces Individualism
The priesthood of the believer must be balanced with a newfound respect for the body of Christ.

Revolution replaces Institutionalism
Instead of cautious preservation we must adopt a Christianity that is transcendent and subversive.

There you have it.

Some things to think about.

Now back to the grindstone.



Jason Upton and his band will be at Word of Life tonight at 7:30!