The Idiot

Peri and I are in Paris.

Today we made our regular pilgrimage to Shakespeare & Company–
the famous English bookstore across the Seine from Notre Dame.

I bought The Doctrine of Reconciliation by Karl Barth.

But that’s not the interesting part.

Do you remember “The Paris Train Story”?

When I bought The Idiot at Shakespeare & Company?

Even though I had a copy of it in my hotel room?

And it led to the wonderful encounter with Yu on the train?


Well, anyway Peri was taking my picture in front of the bookstore.

When she noticed what is written on the front of the store.

It’s written by the owner and references one book: The Idiot.

I found that absolutely fascinating.

For me Shakespeare & Company will always be associated with my providential purchase of The Idiot — and now The Idiot is featured on the front of the bookstore.

Well, anyway, I found it interesting, and for me (and probably only me) I saw it as a sign of sorts.

Here are the four panels in separate pictures.
(It may be easier to read this way.)

Panel # 1

Panel # 2

Panel # 3

Panel # 4



I preached at Hillsong in Paris last night. We had a great time. Tomorrow I’ll preach three times at Charisma International — a great, great church and the largest congregation in France. I’m looking forward to it.

Au Revoir