Igloo Ed and Loch Vale in a Gale

Peri, Philip and I are in the mountains for three days this week. We’ll fly back home tomorrow. We went into the mountains on snowshoe hikes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. The weather has been bitterly cold, but we came to be in the mountains, so in the mountains we have been.

On Tuesday we met up with our friend Igloo Ed. Ed is a winter hiking and camping legend in these parts. He reminds me of Gandalf. He knows these mountains like the back of his hand — he’s truly amazing. He took us on a hike by a route known only to himself — it’s as if he knows every tree…maybe he does.

When we began our hike it was 12 below zero and windy. Cold! But we had a great hike.

Here’s some pictures:

Igloo Ed

With Igloo Ed

On the hike

Ed at Lake Haiyaha

Rock and Ice on a frozen Haiyaha

Into the woods on the other side of the lake


Ed and one of his igloos

Kettle’s on the boil in the igloo

Hot brew in an igloo!

With Ed after the hike


Today Peri, Philip and I decided to snowshoe up to Loch Vale. Only crazy people would do that today…it was blowing a gale (for real!)

Here’s what it was like at the Trailhead parking lot: CLICK HERE FOR A YOUTUBE

A few minutes up the trail it was blowing like a hurricane: CLICK HERE FOR A YOUTUBE

But once we got into the trees, it was much calmer and we had some beautiful hiking.

We had to find the Loch by following the creek drainage

Near the top

Almost to the Loch

Peri having the time of her life (Haha!!)

Loch Vale in a Gale
(The reason I disappeared is I got blown away)

Philip and I ventured out on the Loch, but we didn’t stay long…it was too hard to stand up.

The ice beneath my feet

So why do we do this? Remember what I say Christians should do…

We should reconcile people to God, we should reconcile people to one another, we should heal the sick, we should elevate the poor, we should set the captive free, we should bring justice to the oppressed, we should do good work, we should play enthusiastically, we should beautify the world, we should work for peace, we should work for prosperity, we should get married, we should raise children, we should compose music, we should write novels, we should paint masterpieces, we should create art, we should educate ourselves and others, we should study God’s creation, we should study the stars, we should study the sand, we should live beautiful lives, we should celebrate human existence, we should climb mountains, we should swim in the ocean, we should love, we should laugh, we should live, we should confer dignity upon one another, we should worship God, we should bear the image of God, we should do all these things to the glory of God.


Stay warm.

Grace and Peace.



Friday I’ll preach an important message entitled “O Death.”

Sunday I’ll continue the series on, “What Does It Mean To Be A Christian?” This week I’ll talk about “The Believer.”