What Does It Mean To Be A Christian?

Beginning Sunday, January 20th, Pastor Brian Zahnd will be teaching a three week series entitled, “What Does It Mean To Be A Christian?” inspired by a question received on his Facebook page.

Pastor Brian,

A few friends and I recently had a deep discussion on the topic of Christianity. After nearly 3 hours of pondering what causes people to go to church, stay in church, and be successful with their walk with God, we came to a startling conclusion… We’ve all been going to church for a long time, but not one of us could define the word: Christianity with any depth. So I started asking around, “What does it mean to be a Christian?” The answers I got were surprisingly shallow. To read your bible, pray, and have a relationship with God. To go to heaven when you die. To be a follower of Christ. It seems to me there should be more to the answer to this question than what people have told me. I remember during a recent sermon you talked about Ethics and Doctrine, and how being a Christian means more than just a set of rules and beliefs… being successful as a Christian means having experiences with God. Now here’s my question: As my friends and I seek to further our understanding, we’d like to know how you define the word Christianity and what does it mean to be a Christian? Please respond to this if you have time, sometime.


What Does It Mean To Be A Christian?
Sunday, January 20: The Convert
Sunday, January 27: The Believer
Sunday, February 3: The Disciple