Hope of Glory

Christ in you the hope of glory.

Colossians Chaper One, Verse Twenty-Seven.

Seven words. All but one monosyllabic. Simple. But what does it mean?


Who is Christ?
Jesus of Nazareth.
The God-Man.
God made human.
The Son of Man.
The real human.
The fully-human human.
The new Adam.
The last Adam.
The second chance for humanity.
The last chance for humanity.
Humanity as it was meant to be.
The new creation human being.
The firstborn of the new creation.

You can’t understand Christ apart from understanding him as the Son of Man — the human being.

Who are you?
A fallen human.
An undone human.
A not yet fully-human human.
A human in need of salvaging.
A human needing restoration.
A recovering human.

You don’t need to escape your humanity; this is not salvation. You need to recover your humanity.

Hope and Glory.
What is my hope of glory? I am a human salvaged from the junkyard of fallen humanity. Now I’m in the process of being restored to the original glory intended by my Creator. My hope is to become fully human and bear the image of God like Christ. To have Christ formed in me.

I am a ’59 human that God in Christ is restoring to original glory.

The hope of glory.