Turn The Page

by Blindman at the Gate

In our journey through the holy script
We’ve not yet reached THE END
Turn the page
All that is to be said has not yet been said
Turn the page
Long ago the writers finished the text
But the players have not yet said it all
There are heroes yet to take stage
There are dramas yet to be resolved
Turn the page
We’ve lingered long over this familiar leaf
And it’s beginning to turn yellow
We’ve begun to forget that which has gone before
We’ve begun to think there will be no more
Turn the page
We find comfort in that which is now too familiar
But the thrill is gone and the story has stalled
Turn the page
To move on in the divine tome is not a betrayal
Of that which we have come to know and love
But to understand the story demands that we
Turn the page
But those afraid to turn the page
Discourage and disparage and in fear rage
“If we turn the page things will change!”
Turn the page
Because if we don’t, if we refuse
If we linger much longer, if we stay right here
This yellowing leaf will lose its context
It won’t mean anything to anyone anymore
Only those who love the single leaf for its own sake
They forget the story
They drop the narrative
The plot is lost
The drama dies
Turn the page
There’s so much more
Adventure yet to be discovered
Mystery yet to be uncovered
Passion yet to be recovered
Turn the page
We’ve not yet reached the good part
The living happily ever after part
The heaven come to earth part
Turn the page
It’s showing E on the fuel gauge
It’s time to bust out of that cage
Let a new scene take the stage
Let a new hope come of age
Stop being a willing hostage
Get rid of your excess baggage
Learn to speak a new language
Find the secret passage
Please hear this message
Turn the page