A Whisper that Can Change the World

We live in a loud culture.
Religious rhetoric.
Political propaganda.
Commercial cacophony.
People can grow deaf to a constant din of shouting.
They shut it out as annoying background noise.
That’s when a whisper can be heard above a roar.
A whisper that is a revelation of a real secret.
A whisper that belongs to a hidden mystery.
A whisper that people want to hear.
A whisper that can change the world.

No doubt, there is a time and place for a shout.
But there’s something to be said for a whisper.
God’s voice in the garden whispering like the wind.
God’s whisper to Elijah in a voice still and small.
In a culture grown weary of angry rhetoric,
I hear the Holy Spirit say…

Truth can change a man in the wisdom of his days,
It whispers soft, but constantly,
You cannot live this way

I know a secret.
A beautiful secret.
But some secrets are too holy and too beautiful for buttons and bumper stickers.
Some truths are only desecrated when they are turned into slogans.
But once you believe something beyond being a slogan—
You believe it more, not less.
Like this…

JESUS [In a whisper]: I am the way, and the truth, and the life.

ME [in a whisper]. . .

Jesus is the way to find forgiveness.

Jesus is the way to reconciliation with God and one another.

Jesus is the way to be human.

Jesus is the way back to the garden.

Jesus is the way to inner-peace, social peace, and world peace.

Jesus is the way to prosperous living and abundant life.

Jesus is the way for human beings to recover and confer dignity.

Jesus is the way for us to love our enemies and end the cycle of revenge.

Jesus is the way for legislators to craft law and for elected officials to govern.

Jesus is the way for families to live together without anger, alienation or abuse.

Jesus is the way for the alcoholic to get sober and the addict to get clean.

Jesus is the way for the poor to find a way out of their poverty.

Jesus is the way for the wealthy to learn how to share.

Jesus is the way for the selfish to learn how to care.

Jesus is the way of healing for the sick in miracles and medicine.

Jesus is the way for the Old World, the New World, and the Third World to become God’s good world.

Jesus is the truth which leads us to abandon our false philosophies and our idolatrous religions.

Jesus is the life of authentic Christianity, whether in Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant or Evangelical expression.

Jesus is the way for a prodigal people to return home from self-imposed exile and live again in the Father’s house where there is room for all.

Jesus is the truth that liberates us from the lies of sin and Satan which have bound us since the Fall.

Jesus is the life which of our best poets, writers and artists always dreamed was possible but never could find.

Jesus is the way, and the truth, and the life.

This is our gospel.
Right now it’s best whispered. Or better yet lived.
It’s not a cheap slogan and never an angry protest.
It’s God’s whisper of love and truth.
It’s the whisper which can change the world.