This is one of my favorite poems. It seems to go with my Red Letter Living topic this week.
Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

Luci Shaw

He was a born loser,
accident-prone too;
never won the lottery,
married a girl who
couldn’t cook, broke
his leg the day before
the wedding
and forgot the ring.
He was the kind
who ended up behind a post
in almost any
auditorium. Planes
he was booked to fly on
were delayed
by engine trouble
with sickening regularity.
His holidays at the beach
were almost always
ruined by rain. All
his apples turned out
wormy. His letters
came back marked
‘Moved, left no
address.’ And it was
his car that was cited
for speeding
from among a flock of others
going 60 in a
55 mile zone.
So it was a real shocker
when he found himself
elected, chosen by Grace
for Salvation, felt
the exhilaration of
an undeserved and wholly
unexpected Joy
and tasted, for the
first time, the Glory
of being on
the winning side.


The painting is Melancholy by Edvard Munch.

And for your listening pleasure, how about Bob Seger doing Beautiful Loser.