Crazy Love

Why is there something instead of nothing?
The only feasible answer is an Absolute Being (God).

But why would God create?
Why would God bother?
Why would Absolute Being sufficient in itself create other?

The only feasible answer is…
Love Love Love
Crazy Love

The reason for (existence in the ultimate sense) is…
God and his crazy love.

The reason for everything is…
God and his crazy love

The way to make sense of existence is…
God and his crazy love.

God and his love
The God that is love
This and this alone
Can answer Why
There is something
Instead of nothing

To be in tune
With God and all that is
Love God
Love your neighbor
Love even your enemy

To hate is to try to run away from the reason for existence
Pray you don’t succeed

The way of hate
Is the way away from the reason for being
It’s the way that leads to the outer darkness
Where even the reason for being is called into question
Where the desire to be can even be rejected

Only love can understand God
And his reason for your being
Don’t fight it
The reason for being lies in love
God’s crazy love

When you can’t make sense of what God has said
Love is the answer

“Jesus’ command to turn the other cheek
Does not contain a primarily ethical meaning-
But the meaning of love.”
-Hans Urs von Balthasar

The big questions all find their answer in love.

If the God you worship doesn’t look most of all like love…
Keep searching

If the philosophy you adopt doesn’t add up to love…
Keep searching

If the religion you practice doesn’t end in love…
Keep searching

Love looks like the cruciform
Love looks like forgiveness
Love looks like Christ on a cross
Love Love Love
Crazy Love

But is love crazy
Or does it only look crazy
Because we’ve gone mad
From our lack of love?

Let love
God’s crazy love
Restore your soul
And make sense
Of why you are

Love alone is credible.

Let us love the other
Let us love one another
Let us love our Father
Let us love our neighbor
Let us love our enemy

Crazy love
Amazing love
God’s love


(The painting is Crazy Love For This Town by Katherine Dolgy Ludwig)