LOST – The Final Episode

Here is a brief reflection on the final episode of LOST.

Final Scene
A statue of The Christian Shepherd
Outside a church
People are coming
Friends and former foes
Coming out of a world of pain
Into a sanctuary of peace
Coming in as individuals
To find togetherness
Coming in their brokenness
Finding from the words of others that they are healed
Coming to a place where forgiveness is offered
Where words like this are heard:
“If it helps, I forgive you.”
“Thank you, that does help.”
“It matters more than I can say.”
Not everyone is present
Not everyone is entering
But still there is hope
The invitation remains
People are coming
People are entering
A church
Drawn by the death of Christian Shephard
Who is alive
People are coming out of the darkness
Into a church
Where Christian Shephard opens a new door
Leading to a world of light
They had been lost
They are lost no longer
They have found faith
They have found one another
They have found a new beginning
In the end we learn
It’s not about time travel or electromagnetism
It’s about forgiveness and reconciliation
And we learn
That Death
Is Not
The End

(Hard to ask for much more from a TV show.)