The Beatitudes (BZV)


People have asked for the “BZV” Beatitudes. So here they are.

Blessed are those who are poor at being spiritual,
For the kingdom of God is well-suited for ordinary people.

Blessed are the depressed who mourn and grieve,
For they create space to encounter comfort from another.

Blessed are the quiet and content, the humble and unassuming, the gentle and trusting who are not grasping and clutching, for God will personally guarantee their share when heaven and earth become one.

Blessed are those who ache for the world to be made right,
For them the government of God is a dream come true.

Blessed are those who give mercy,
For they will get it back when they need it most.

Blessed are those who have a clean window in their soul,
For they will perceive God when and where others don’t.

Blessed are the peaceful bridge-builders in a war-torn world,
For they are God’s children working in the family business.

Blessed are those who are mocked and misunderstood for all the right reasons,
For the kingdom of heaven comes to earth amidst much persecution.


(The painting is The Sermon on the Mount by Fra Angelico)