Saturday Morning


Saturday Morning
(A thought and a poem)

Let Christ inform all of your life, but do not become a shallow religious cliché.
Be a real, earthy human being; belong to the human race.


Go for long walks
Learn to appreciate art
Take up the violin
Cultivate culinary skills
Read War and Peace
Laugh more than you do
Weep now and then
Listen to live jazz
Eat a peach
Do something ridiculous
Go dancing
Stop judging
Start loving
Plant a garden
Climb a mountain
Memorize a long poem
Learn some astronomy
Become a bee-keeper
Go back to college
Take up a new hobby
Make some new friends
Read the Bible
In a new translation
Get rid of bumper stickers
Learn a foreign language
Watch a foreign film
Change your mind
Drink only good coffee
Talk to your neighbor
Not about religion
Go to church
Go to the circus
Don’t confuse them
Be human
And nothing less


(The painting is Saturday Morning by Harry Stooshinoff)