And shall I go on being casual and numb?
Pretending that I know something about this being I so glibly call God
Or shall I dare to encounter Him?
The One with whom I have to do
The One who can never be an object
Forever and always the eternal subject
Is it grammar or a much deeper truth?
The object is acted upon but the subject acts
God is not in my story—I am in His
How is it I can be unaware of this?
Did I think I invented this story called being?
Surely I’m not that crazy
I belong to His story
But there is my story
God is no object—only and ever a subject
The Subject
You cannot trivialize The Subject to ology or ism
You can only be aware or oblivious
Of the One who alone possesses innate beingness
The most obvious of all truth
But all truth inheres in subjectivity
Where passion is permitted
Where we are in the story
Where we care
Instead of aloof and comfortably numb
Subjectivity is passion
Faith is passion
Life is passion
Sanity is passion
Objectivity is numb
Empiricism is numb
Death is numb
Madness is numb
Passion saves
My soul
From numbness
Passionless being
Passion saves
Poetic prophetic extraordinary imaginative
Passionate being
Passion saves
To believe is to be passionate
Passion is found in the instant of the leap
When you leap beyond the fence
Into the Lion’s presence
Will He kill you or let you live?
Either way you are alive in that moment
You are not cool or “cool”
One is dispassionate the other is self-conscious
In that moment you are neither
You are passionate and engaged
Leap the security barrier of objectivity
Into the presence of the Being Himself
It’s the only hope you have of saving your life
Leprosy is not what you think it is
It doesn’t eat you
It’s only numbness
But numbness will destroy you
Before it’s too late
Before the leprosy takes your legs away
Before the creeping numbness takes your soul away
The Leap of faith
That jumps the objective
To encounter the Subject
Where passion lives
Because now there is nothing between you and the Lion
And you know you live because you feel your heart beat
And you know you live because He lets you live
No more numbness
Passion saves

Blind Man at the Gate