Peace Donkey On Palm Sunday


Peace Donkey On Palm Sunday
Blind Man At The Gate

The king approaches on Palm Sunday
Forsaking the glorious war horse
To ride a ridiculous peace donkey

Gentle as the wings of a dove
Inaugurating the reign of love

Conquerors come with hubris, blood, and violence
Riding stallions of famine, war, and pestilence
(They tell me Genghis Khan killed ten million)

The Prince of Peace comes without breaking a bruised reed
Swords are now for plowing, spears are now for pruning
(I’ll tell you for a fact, Jesus killed nary a one)

If Hosanna praises rocket’s red glare: Weep over Jerusalem!
If Hosanna acclaims kingdom come: Let the rocks cry out!


(The artwork is Triumphal Entry by Emmanuel Nsama, 1969.)