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  • Blood On The Tracks

    35 years ago today Bob Dylan’s Blood On The Tracks was released.
    In this blogger’s opinion it’s the finest album ever recorded.

    Early one mornin’ the sun was shinin’, I was layin’ in bed. It was a Saturday in 1975. I was 15. A Zeppelin freak and a brand new Christian. Bob Dylan was the guy who did Blowin’ In The Wind, Lay Lady Lay and Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door. I woke to Tangled Up In Blue on KY-102. I was in that beta state between sleep and waking and her hair was still red. Every one of those words rang true. Revolution was in the air. I was mesmerized. Something was awakened in me. Something I had never known before. Love of language. Love of story. Love of song. From a different point of view. From a Dylan point of view. That love is still with me.

    Thank you, Mr. Dylan.