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  • The Journey Goes On


    The Journey Goes On
    Brian Zahnd

    The journey goes on
    And I find myself in a place
    I could never have imagined
    (And I mean a good place!)

    Not in the Love Song 70’s
    Not in the Ravenhill 80’s
    Not in the Faith Man 90’s
    Not even the tumultuous 2000’s

    I won’t make an idol of any moment in time
    The vastness of God can’t be explored in the blink of an eye
    We don’t attain authenticity overnight
    So I’m a mystery
    Even to myself

    The 70’s Jesus Freak
    The 80’s Revivalist
    The 90’s Church Growth Guy
    The 2000’s Trouble Maker
    Could never understand who I am today
    Which makes me somewhat happy

    Because it’s not the reinvention of self for fashion sake
    Like the widening and narrowing of neckties
    No, it’s about being true to Christ by being true to yourself
    The sacred mystery is about the adventure of becoming
    So the journey goes on
    And on

    But through it all I remain loyal to the Way
    Because when Jesus called BZ to follow him
    (That long-haired fifteen year old kid)
    And he said, yes
    He meant it

    I can’t be labeled and classified
    The way entomologists pin insects
    I believe in metamorphosis!
    Whatever bug you pin me down as
    I will not be
    (Does that bug you?)

    I’m a dweller by a dark stream
    And the chrysalis is cracking
    Like in the vision John saw
    (Thank you, my prophetic Canadian brother)
    In the end I’ll have wings
    And I will fly

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