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  • Election Season and Your Soul


    This is an intensely pastoral post. (It’s essentially the sermon notes of a message I shared with my church on Friday night, July 6.)

    I understand my pastoral vocation as something like being a doctor of the soul. I am to tend to the well-being of human souls entrusted to me by Christ.

    Be responsive to your pastoral leaders.
    Listen to their counsel.
    For they watch out for your souls.
    -Hebrews 13:17

    Over the past twelve years I’ve become increasingly aware of how damaging an excessive political passion is to the human soul. Put simply, too much politics hinders the capacity for love—and love is the purpose of the human soul. We are created to love God and one another—this is the essence of human flourishing.

    But every four years a kind of madness comes upon us in America—a political mania that is becoming increasingly acrimonious and bitter. All of this is damaging to the soul. So with this in mind I would like to share with you a Ten Point Christian Voters’ Guide. (No, not that kind…a much different kind.) Read more