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  • Son of Adam

    So this is Christmas…

    And I’m thinking about the Immanuel mystery of the Incarnation. The greatest of all the holy mysteries.

    God with us.
    With us in our humanity.
    God who has become one of us.

    What if God were one of us?

    In Christ he is.

    In the Incarnation we can rightly speak of the humanity of God.

    O holy mystery!

    Don’t be casual with this mystery.

    Let it take your breath away.
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  • Is There A God?

    Some of my thinking in this blog has been assisted by the writings of Swiss theologian Emil Brunner.

    Is There A God?
    The question is not necessarily easy to answer because the question itself is wrongly framed. The moment a person asks this question about God they are on the wrong track. The problem is the word “there.”

    there: adverb in or at that place
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