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    Love your neighbor as yourself. —Jesus

    Jesus didn’t teach capitalist economics or socialist economics, Jesus taught love economics. In this present fallen age, the competition of a free market is probably the best way to arrange an economy, for the simple reason that the market is far more capable of fixing prices than any central committee. That being said, followers of Jesus must do what they can to make sure that competition is mitigated with copious amounts of compassion; because without compassion we turn the free market into a kind of vicious blood sport where those least equipped to compete are trampled underfoot and left behind. In other words, we must make sure that the losers in the game (and it is a game!) don’t lose everything. The Jesus way requires that love have a place in the economy and that competition be humane and not dog-eat-dog.


    (The artwork is Love Your Neighbor by Tema Okun)