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  • Slippery Slopes and Fixed Ropes


    I have a three hour layover in the San Francisco airport. So…

    Slippery Slopes and Fixed Ropes
    Brian Zahnd

    The “slippery slope” trope is a favorite among fundamentalists. Basically the argument goes like this: The moment you move away from fundamentalist Biblicism you’re on the slippery slope of liberalism and will wind up sliding down into a crevasse with the likes of Friedrich Schleiermacher and John Shelby Spong. According to those who believe that serious theology is a slippery slope, you’re either with fundamentalists and young earth creationists like Ken Ham or you’re sliding down the mountain with new atheists like Christopher Hitchens. Of course, this is a ludicrous false dichotomy. But it carries a ton of intimidation. Just about the worst thing you can call an evangelical pastor is a liberal. The only thing worse is to go Def-Con 4 and drop the H-bomb: Heretic!
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  • Three Sentences That Changed My Life

    st_maximus_the_confessor 0505_soren-kierkegaard dostoevsky-crop

    “Christ has given us an entirely new way to be human.”
    -Maximus the Confessor

    “Now with the help of God I shall become myself.”
    -Søren Kierkegaard

    “Beauty will save the world.”
    -Fyodor Dostoevsky