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  • The Greatest Thing Of All

    Just a few hours after posting my Blog on Blog blog, where I mentioned that I probably won’t be blogging quite as much for the mentioned reason, here I am posting a…blog. Well, it’s like this, I was working on some thoughts for our staff chapel service tomorrow and I thought I might as well blog it. Might as well.

    Question: What’s the greatest thing of all?

    I’ll give you a moment to think about it.
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  • Time

    This is an addendum to the previous blog on rhythm. If you haven’t yet read it, I suggest you read it first.

    Rhythm is a phenomenon of time.

    Rhythm is an emphasis in time.

    Holy rhythm requires sacred time.
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  • Rhythm

    Life is full of rhythm.

    The daily rhythm of sunrise and sunset.
    The seasonal rhythm of winter, spring, summer, fall.
    The lunar rhythm seen in the cycles of the moon.

    When we consider the human body we can say life is rhythm.
    The steady rhythm of breathing.
    The syncopated rhythm of the heart.
    The many rhythms of a healthy body.
    When your body is out of rhythm you are sick.
    If the rhythm is not restored you are dead.
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