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  • LEAP!

    And shall I go on being casual and numb?
    Pretending that I know something about this being I so glibly call God
    Or shall I dare to encounter Him?
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  • An Aesthetic Gospel

    aesthetic: adjective 1 : of, relating to, or dealing with the beautiful

    God is the creator of beauty and a connoisseur of all that is truly beautiful. God is an artist and His canvass is creation. Beauty is an attribute of the divine like wisdom or holiness. Beauty has intrinsic value and needs no other justification than it is beautiful. In an age given over to the cult of pragmatism this may seem an extravagant claim, but it is true: Art needs no other justification other than it is beautiful. Does a flower have to justify its existence by being practical? Here’s what Ralph Waldo Emerson says about that in his poem The Rhodora.
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  • What Do I?

    What do I feel?
    What do I know?
    What do I steal?
    What do I show?

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