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  • Beauty Will Save the World


    A thousand years ago Prince Vladimir the Great, the pagan monarch of Kiev, was looking for a new religion to unify the Russian people. Toward this end Prince Vladimir sent out envoys to investigate the great faiths from the neighboring realms. When the delegations returned they gave the prince their reports. Some had discovered religions that were dour and austere. Others encountered faiths that were abstract and theoretical. But the envoys who had investigated Christianity in the Byzantine capital of Constantinople reported finding a faith characterized by such transcendent beauty that they did not know if they were in heaven or on earth.

    Then we went to Constantinople and they led us to the place where they worship their God, and we knew not whether we were in heaven or earth, for on earth there is no such vision nor beauty, and we do not know how to describe it; we only know that God dwells among men. We cannot forget that beauty. —Primary Chronicle of the Sent by Prince Vladimir of Kiev-Rus to Constantinople

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  • Passage to India

    The poets say things better than anyone else. This is a fact. I am of the opinion that the deepest and most important things can only be said as poetry. Furthermore, poetry can only be heard, it cannot be “explained.” So either it speaks to you or it doesn’t. Either you get it or you don’t. Tonight I found some lines in a poem that not only speak to me, they speak for me. These lines speak to me and for me as I contemplate my lifelong quest to know God. Allow me to share with you a few select lines from the poem Passage to India by America’s greatest poet, Walt Whitman. Read more