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  • Atheism

    Warning: Long Blog (take your time).

    I’m in Sydney, Australia. I’ve been ministering at Hillsong Church. I preached six times this weekend and I felt like things went very well. I also had a wonderful time getting to know Paul Scanlon, Pastor of Abundant Life Church in Bradford, England, Gary Clark, pastor of Hillsong London, Zhenya Kasevich, pastor of Hillsong Kiev and Brendan White, pastor of Hillsong Paris along with many other leaders in the Hillsong movement. It really was a precious time of fellowship and forging new relationships.

    So I don’t know why I felt a little sad today. I thought perhaps I was just ready to come home.
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  • The Idiot

    Peri and I are in Paris.

    Today we made our regular pilgrimage to Shakespeare & Company–
    the famous English bookstore across the Seine from Notre Dame.

    I bought The Doctrine of Reconciliation by Karl Barth.

    But that’s not the interesting part.
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  • Mountain Misery

    My feet hurt
    My head pounds
    My lungs burn
    My legs buckle
    I’m cold…now hot…now cold

    Why do I do this?
    Man! Can I do this?
    The sky looks wrong
    Was that thunder?
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  • Mountains, etc.

    After six days Jesus took Peter, James and John
    and led them up on a high mountain.

    -Matthew 17:1

    That’s what I’m going to do! Six days from now I’ll be leading Zahnds and others up on the high mountains of Rocky Mountain National Park. Mountains like…

    Longs Peak
    McHenrys Peak
    Halletts Peak
    Otis Peak
    Ypsilon Mountain

    I love these mountains. I’m fanatical about them. The mountains motivate me to stay in shape for the few weeks a year that I have a chance to hike and climb. As I type the blog I’ve got maps spread out on the floor as I plan various mountain adventures.
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  • Highway 61 Revisited

    No substantive blogging this week. Instead, serious motorcycle riding and blues immersion.

    Four years ago Jimmie Bratcher and I went on a 700 mile motorcycle blues odyssey through Mississippi on Highway 61 — The Blues Highway. We were visiting the historical sites of the great bluesmen of the Mississippi delta: Charley Patton, Robert Johnson, Son House, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, John Lee Hooker, Elmore James, etc., etc. All rock and jazz has its roots in the blues and the blues were born in a few counties in northern Mississippi. I find it fascinating. Jimmie and I had a great time on our motorcycle blues odyssey…so we’ve decided to do it again.
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